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Electro-Sensitivity Profiling *NEW*

When planning protection against EMF, it is possible to take two approaches.

Firstly, we can attempt to reduce all EMF exposure as close to zero as possible. A fully screened home or office can cost a lot to implement.

Alternatively, when we know the characteristics of EMF to which the individual is most sensitive and have a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the degree to which they are sensitive, this may allow us to offer more cost effective solutions, tailored to the individual’s needs. The extent of an individual’s sensitivity is unique.

Why screen for a 99% reduction when 50% is sufficient and is achievable at lower material and labour costs?

“Sensitivity Profiling” aims to characterise the sufferer’s intolerance with respect to the frequency range and signal strengths encountered in his/her daily life. Working closely with the customer in his/her environment we derive a profile and are then able to set realistic goals for screening based on the customer’s own experience of acceptable/inacceptable levels of exposure.

This service is charged on an hourly basis of €80/hour for a two man team.

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